Wolfe Laboratories’ integrated pharmaceutical development functions build molecular understanding to streamline and de-risk drug product development.
We work with all Oligonucleotides including RNA (siRNA, miRNA, mRNA, PMOs, PPMOs, and others) and DNA

  • Analytical Methods Development – Chromatographic, electrophoretic, spectroscopic, size, particulates, high resolution mass spectrometry
  • Characterization – Intact mass, charge analysis, impurity identification and quantitation, pH solubility, pH stability, thermal shift assays, excipient compatibility ­
  • Formulation Development – Parenteral liquids, lyophilized dosage forms, VLPs, viral vectors, LNPs, non-traditional dosage forms
  • Process Development – Compounding process development, lab scale, one factor at a time, Design of Experiment
  • Pre-clinical material manufacturing


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