Frank Tagliaferri, Ph.D

Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development

Frank Tagliaferri, Ph.D. is Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development at Wolfe Laboratories, LLC. Dr. Tagliaferri is a veteran pharmaceutical development executive with extensive experience in advancing complex therapeutics from the preclinical stage to commercialization. Previously, Dr. Tagliaferri co-founded and served as Vice President of R&D at 4P Therapeutics, where he focused on the design, characterization, and commercial development of novel delivery systems and drug/device combination products for biologics and other complex molecules. Prior to 4P Therapeutics, Dr. Tagliaferri served as Vice President of R&D for Altea Therapeutics where he contributed to the development of the PassPort® System for the transdermal delivery of small molecules and biologics. Dr. Tagliaferri served as Director of Drug Delivery and Preclinical R &D at Tapestry Pharmaceuticals, where he managed a research team developing small molecule anti-cancer agents and novel RNA-based therapeutics. He launched his career at GeneMedicine (later Valentis, Inc.), where, as Director of Drug Delivery, his focus was on the development and characterization of delivery systems for both DNA and proteins. Dr. Tagliaferri holds a B.S. from Franklin & Marshall College and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Virginia.