Frank Koppenhagen, Ph.D.

Vice President, Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Development

Frank Koppenhagen, Ph.D., is Vice President of Small Molecule Pharmaceutical Development at Wolfe Laboratories. Dr. Koppenhagen has over twenty years of experience in rational pharmaceutical product development, having contributed to programs across the entire discovery to commercialization continuum. He has built and led integrated product development teams, leveraging his managerial and scientific expertise. As a formulation scientist, his expertise includes development of diverse dosage forms, including parenterals (liquids, lyophilized, complex nanoparticle systems), inhaled and transmucosal products. He also has significant experience in the areas of Regulatory Science, Laboratory Operations, Quality and the development of drug-device combinations. Prior to joining the Wolfe Laboratories team, Dr. Koppenhagen was Vice President of Respiratory Research and Development at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Koppenhagen has contributed to the development of several FDA and globally-approved drugs, including QVAR, Dulera, Exubra, TOBI Podhaler, Proair, Airduo Respiclick, and several generic drug products.

Dr. Koppenhagen received his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from Utrecht University, the Netherlands.